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You can create financial models so much faster

gini is the financial software helping entrepreneurs and the teams that support them create financial models from their accounting data in minutes. Without having to give up their spreadsheets. 

Financial Modelling For Startups
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Financial Planning For Small BusinessesFinancial Model
Data integrations

You’ll never upload a CSV again

You’ll get an automatically updated financial model in Google Sheets that syncs monthly from your Xero
Forecast your cash flow with built-in headcount, scenario and capital finance planners
Work with your raw data and Xero reports directly in Google Sheets to build your own models that auto sync daily, weekly or monthly 
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Financial Planning For Small Businesses
Cashflow Forecast Model
Cash flow forecast model

Understand your cash flow projections

You’ll get a pre-built 6-month cash flow forecast model designed by finance professionals
See the impact of your business assumptions on the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement
Understand your business and drill down deeper with access to all the logic in the model’s calculations 
Every month your model will update alongside your Xero data
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Headcount planner

Know the impact of your headcount plans

You’ll get instant insight on how much growth you’ll need for new employees to pay for themselves
Quickly see the impact of your plan on overall fixed costs and 6-month financial projections
Share your headcount plan with your management team using the ease of Google Sheets collaboration
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Financial Model
Financial Model Advisors
Scenario planner

Test your potential scenarios

Quickly run scenarios around capital planning and financing 
Use built-in AI generated revenue scenarios to ensure you are ready for the best and worst case scenarios 
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Financial Planning And Forecasting
Financial Model Advisors

The set-up was extremely easy, just connected it with Xero and it imported everything.

Financing Tools
Financial Planning And Forecasting
Financial Model

A great way to get the info I need to manage cash flow and protect my business, without the need to wait to speak to my accounting resource to obtain this information.

Financing Tools
Financial Planning And Forecasting
Financial Model

Just took me a few minutes to plan my headcount. And I was able to figure out how long the new employees would pay for themselves.

Headcount Planning Tool
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Strategic Financial Planning
Financial Model Advisors

You don’t have to give up your spreadsheet

Small Business Financial Planning

Connect your accounting software to: 

Automatically import your accounting data into a Google Sheet
View the 6- month projection of your cash flow, profit & loss and balance sheet
Forecast your revenue with machine learning algorithms
Make decisions about hiring 
Run monthly financial reports for your stakeholders
Import your accounting data into a spreadsheet to build your own models

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Create your cash flow forecast in
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