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giniPredict makes it easy for any business to access powerful forecasting technology, accelerate the financial planning process and shape a future bigger than ever before.

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giniPredict | Cashflow runway chart

When will we need a loan?

Head of Finance
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Which marketing activities have the most impact on revenue?

Business Analyst
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How many staff do we need during the holiday?

Founder & CEO

Financial planning. 100x faster.

“We make most decisions based on gut feel. It takes too long to do financial analysis for every decision.”

giniPredict’s AI predictive modeling tech turns your accounting data into reliable forecasts in minutes. With forecasts updated in a click, you can make data-backed decisions faster and navigate change with speed.

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Automate the tedious data prep

“I’m spending too much time on data prep, and too little on strategy.”

giniPredict makes it easy to share and compile data from different systems across the company. We get your data from source to analysis to report in a few clicks, freeing you up to focus on the future of your business.

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Share insights instantly

“Formatting different reports for different stakeholders is slowing us down.”

giniPredict automatically analyses your data and formats the findings into visualisations everyone can understand. When it’s this easy to update, share, embed, and collaborate on reports, you can rest assured that every team is on the same page. Always.

Make confident decisions backed by powerful analytics

We’re taking the same AI predictive tech used by giants like Amazon and putting it in your hands, equipping you with exactly the insights you need to make the right decisions for your business. No programming or coding needed.

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Set up in minutes

Built with Google Workspace tools, giniPredict is so intuitive to use, you don’t need any training to get started. Plus, it syncs with Xero seamlessly, so you can import and refresh your data in a few clicks. (More integrations to come!)

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Why users love giniPredict 

For a 50-hour financial planning project, I see this saving me, like, 20 hours.

- Financial consultant

Crazy easy to use.

- COO at a manufacturing company

I wish we had this tool when we first launched our app. It would’ve been handy to see which marketing channel impacted user acquisition most. Instead, we were just throwing money at different channels and hoping for the best. It would’ve saved us a tonne of money.

- Founder of a fintech startup

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