gini is the financial management platform for companies that want to grow their revenue, automate their finances and raise capital

You can create financial models so much faster

Now you can make models on-demand, not on Friday nights. You can connect your accounting software and create your first AI-powered spreadsheet model in less than 5 minutes.

You can auto-sync your models with our approved integration partners

The performance of a CFO at a fraction of a price

Being your own CFO means painful manual processes and late nights crunching numbers. With gini’s powerful automated workflows you can create financial models  in a click and reports that update automatically.

Fast growing companies around the world use gini’s automated workflows to create instant cashflow forecasts, streamline reporting, pass due diligence and access growth capital.

Integrated finance

You’ll take back wasted hours

You will have one place to access and sync all your most important financial information.

Sync your Google Sheets directly with Xero, Quickbooks and more
In a few clicks, you can get your raw data, reports, and models delivered directly into Google Sheets
You can customize all reports and models directly in Google Sheets

Now you can access the information you need to do further analysis quickly. No digging. No scrubbing.

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AI-Powered forecasts

You’ll confidently drive growth

You will look forward with AI-powered models for forecasting and scenario planning.

You’ll use the same forecasting technology as Facebook and Amazon
You’ll identify complex patterns and trends 50% more accurately than a manual forecast
You can customize the machine learning recommendations based on your company and industry

Now you can feel confident in the accuracy of your financial models. No more guessing. 

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Collaborative tools

You’ll raise money faster

You will prove you are on top of your business with credible reporting that’s always sent on time.

You’ll empower your investors with all the information they need to support you
You’ll fast track due diligence without having to constantly update your data room  
You’ll be able to share your models with a network of financiers who use our platform to find companies like you

So you can always be ready to showcase your healthy growing business whenever the need arises. No more late night scrambles.

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gini is used by small and medium sized business to accelerate financial modeling

Whats different about gini

Discover 100’s of automated workflows

Your financial planning tasks optimised for speed

Your old way of working:
20 hours of your time spent building a financial model from scratch (if you’re experienced)
70% of that time is spent copy-pasting data from your systems into a spreadsheet
Many hours of your time spent creating and formatting reports
Your most critical business decisions are based on gut feel
Your new way of working:
<5 minutes for you to build an expert level financial model
<1 minute for you to pull the financial data you want into a spreadsheet
0 hours spent reporting. You’ll share reports once and let them auto-sync with your accounting software
All your decisions, big and small, will be made using up to date financial reports

You can make your existing tech stack work faster for you

gini financial dashboard

Connect your accounting software in one minute to:

View your profit & loss and balance sheet
Always know your runway
Forecast anything on-demand with machine learning
Make decisions about hiring
Understand the impact of a COVID lockdown
Run monthly and quarterly financial reports for your stakeholders
Import your accounting data into a spreadsheet to build your own models

Your fastest path to sound financial decisions is gini

You can use our models to help you answer all your most important questions
“What happens to my revenue if COVID lockdowns come back?”
“How does my runway look for the next 6 months?”
“Can I afford more staff?”
You can get these answers for free in 5-minutes