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Get unparalleled insights into private companies through quantitative due diligence.

Elevate your investment strategy and pinpoint your next 100x return with gini’s breakthrough technology.

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Directly connect to your portfolio companies' systems through  real-time data feeds.

With impeccable integration and instantaneous insights, gini elevates reporting to a seamless, automated art form.

Trust and verify

Corroborate management figures with unparalleled precision.

Leverage gini’s state-of-the-art forensic accounting algorithms to sidestep fraud and gain deep, data-driven insights into the underlying drivers of a business—before making an investment.

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portfolio company retention after 6 months

David Weiss
Pershing Ventures

“gini not only saves me 40 hours a month - it lets me perform a level of due diligence that simply wouldn’t be possible without an excessive burden on founders”

Mark Muñoz
Vectr Fintech

“Ultimately, it makes the entire company much stronger - when you can discuss with the founder and have them go through the same information we are seeing to get a better result.”

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