A new era of transparency

Replace hard-coded spreadsheets with automated data feeds from your portfolio companies.

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$1.8 trillion
lost annually to financial statement frauds
are missed by auditors

Automated financial due diligence & reporting

Real time, data driven fraud detection, financial reporting and analytics 

Protect your portfolio

Cash flow forecasting

Fraud Detection

Sophisticated anti-fraud algorithms prevent bad actors from ever reaching your portfolio 

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Financial planning

Reporting Automation

Standardized monthly financial reports update automatically

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Runway Forecasting

Accurate cash flow forecasts created in minutes  

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Financial Tracking

Performance Tracking

Benchmarking your portfolios performance against your own KPIs

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Support your founders

Gerardo Salandra
Founder, Respond.io 

“This tool completely blew my mind...We get asked all the time by investors to generate these reports and since QB doesn't do this, we always ended up doing this manually on excel, at least once per quarter. But with gini, all graphs and reports are just there, and they are updated daily…saving me tons of time. A dream come true.”

David Weiss
President, Pershing Ventures

“gini not only saves me 40 hours a month - it lets me perform a level of due diligence that simply wouldn’t be possible without an excessive burden on founders”

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