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Healthy businesses always know their numbers. Get 3 months of free AI-powered cash flow projections, scenario testing and headcount planning.

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Strategic Financial Planning
Scenario Planning In Business
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Financial Planning And Forecasting
Financial Planning For Small Businesses
I want to know that my business is in good financial shape, but I don’t have the time to deep dive into my finances. My time is better spent on building the brand and strategy. The gini models help me quickly understand how my business is doing - so I feel confident that we’re on the right track.
Financial Planning And Forecasting
Financial Planning For Small Businesses
gini is so much faster and more powerful than what our outside consulting team can do in Excel. It has an incredibly high level of detail and customisation while still remaining super user friendly.

You don’t need hours to build your first model—just 5-minutes.  

Xero Google Sheets Integration
Connect your models to Xero

You’ll take back so many wasted hours running numbers. Your gini models will sync directly with your Xero account. Setup takes less than 5-minutes. And with auto-refresh, you can trust that your model is always up to date with your latest Xero data.

Cash Flow Forecasting Model
Create what-if scenarios

You’ll be able to quickly test your decisions to understand the full range of potential business outcomes. Using our AI-generated revenue scenarios, you can feel confident in your plan to drive growth. 

Cash Flow Forecasting Xero
Share models and dynamic reports

You’ll have pre-built modern charts - without spending hours building them.  All our charts are interactive. Just adjust the assumptions and watch them change instantly. Share your model in just a few minutes using the power of Google Sheets. 

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Financial Planning And Forecasting
Financial Planning For Small Businesses
The setup was extremely easy, just connected it with Xero, and it imported everything into our model and worked 10x better.

You are eligible for 3-months free (a AU$83 value) as a SavvySME member

Small Business Financial Planning

Get free access to financial models that are credible and easy to use. With this offer, you’ll gain: 

A forecast of your cash flow, balance sheet and profit and loss
A scenario planner, headcount planner and library of customisable reports and models
Access to our team of experts for help interpreting your models
The ability to share live models and collaborate with your stakeholders using the ease of Google Drive
A Xero add-on that seamlessly integrates Google Sheets with Xero 
The power to auto-refresh all your models and reports daily, weekly or monthly 
Capability to connect Google Sheets to multiple Xero companies
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