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Why ‘gini’

The Gini coefficient is a measure of inequality. When we look at the world of business, we see an unequal distribution of data tech. Data is the new oil, and AI-powered data tech is the reason giants with teams of data scientists and developers can thrive in a global crisis. Without the skills and resources to harness that tech, small businesses are constantly fighting an uphill battle. 

We intend to change that.

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Full Time Software Engineer [Remote] (Clojure/ Clojurescript)Growth Marketing Executive [Remote/ HK]Internships (on JIJIS)Programatic SEO EngineerContent EditorHR Associate
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A fun bunch of go-getters who take great pride in our work while always finding ways to improve. We’re guided by our values of integrity, fairness and respect and are eager to build well-loved products that improve the quality of life for people all around the world.

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