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Ray Wyand
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The Gini coefficient is an economic measure of inequality. When we look at the world of business, we see an unequal distribution of technology — specifically, data technology. 

Every company has data, but to use it for strategic decision-making, you need the right technology. Not only to collect and manage the data, but to analyse it and pull insights from it. Once you have the right tools, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

But this kind of technology is currently the preserve of the world’s largest corporations — the ones with massive budgets and teams of data specialists. And the rapid rate of technology development is fueling inequality further, making highly skilled people more productive and the tech giants more powerful, and leaving the rest behind.

So, we see retail giants like Amazon using predictive analytics to tailor product suggestions that generate at least 35% of their revenue effortlessly, while small and medium businesses are left to figure things out manually.

Without access to this technology, SMEs are constantly fighting an uphill battle to win.

We intend to change that.

The quest to democratise predictive analytics technology

We’ve set out to democratise access to one of the most valuable subsets of data technology: predictive analytics. 

Predictive analytics uses advanced machine learning and AI modeling to analyse past behaviour and predict future behaviour. And it has very exciting applications in business. 

Currently, massive corporations around the world are using it to further dominate the market.

Digital marketers are using it to target the right person with the right message, converting leads and reducing churn rates. Retailers are using it to predict pricing trends and optimise their prices. And business owners are using it to track finances and predict cash gaps — and so avoid one of the main causes of business failure: poor financial management.

In essence, predictive analytics has the power to supercharge any company’s efficiency, agility and effectiveness. It is the cornerstone of successful strategic planning.  

And we think it’s unfair that smaller companies who can’t afford teams of data specialists, are left out. We think it is vital for them to have access to this technology because they have limited resources, i.e. every penny counts.

We want to see what small businesses can achieve when armed with this technology. Think of all the wasted hours, the misspent money and the undue stress that this technology can prevent.  

And think of what’s possible!

Introducing gini

giniPredict: an AI-powered financial planning platform for the world's small businesses

I am very proud to announce the launch of gini: an AI-powered financial planning platform for the world's small businesses.

After months of development and countless iterations, we’ve finally achieved our goal of making an AI predictive analytics tool both easy to use and affordable.

To start, we’ve focused on solving the most fundamental challenge most businesses face: financial planning.

gini is designed to help business owners and managers use their data to make more informed decisions about where and how to spend their money. 

  • The gini Financial Dashboard performs AI predictive analytics on your accounting data, giving you full clarity on where the health of your company is at now and where it’s headed next — at all times.
  • Currently, both tools sync directly with Xero, cutting out the hours of tedious data prep and freeing up time to focus on strategic decision-making. We’ll be adding integrations to more software systems soon.

The answers that take most businesses anything from days to weeks to figure out, gini provides in minutes.

And we’re absolutely thrilled to introduce it to you.

We can’t wait to see what you achieve, with gini helping you get answers from your data faster.

We can’t wait to see what radical discoveries you’ll make about your business.

We can’t wait to see you punch above your weight in the market, navigate fast-changing environments with speed, and who knows, even thrive in the midst of a pandemic.

Go ahead and get started. 

It’s free.

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Ray Wyand, CEO of gini
Why I write content :

It’s time for me to shamelessly ask for your support. Our company is dedicated to the idea that finance should be simple, easy and fair for everyone.

To deliver that, we’ve built a financial tool that helps small businesses to save time, optimise cash flow, and access growth capital. We’ve priced it at $40USD a month to make it accessible for everyone - but I’d appreciate your help getting the word out in your company.

  • For founders we can give  real time insight into the financial health of your company and help them to access growth capital
  • For in house finance teams, we can get you promoted by helping you to automate your most manual processes and helping you  create reports your managers will love
  • For investors, we can help you underwrite better, faster & fairer whilst also helping your portfolio automate their reporting in real time
  • For accountants & book-keepers, we can increase your margins through automation and value added services that help your clients to grow

If you know any of these people - please email me at

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