Dashboards designed for decision-making

giniPredict formats your Xero data into exactly the intel you need on Google Data Studio dashboards, with answers to your most pressing questions populated in minutes. 

Using built-in algorithms that pull insights from your Xero data, giniPredict saves you the trouble of sifting through spreadsheets, and makes it easy to understand your business at a glance.

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Uncover new insights with advanced data analysis

No more blanket estimates. giniPredict’s AI predictive modeling tech turns your Xero data into reliable forecasts in minutes and uncovers correlations in your data you never knew existed.

It’s like having a data scientist on your team, helping you understand what’s driving your financial outcomes, so you know exactly which levers to pull, when. 
No coding or programming needed.

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Automate the data flow and free up time for what matters

Collating and formatting data manually takes so long, it leaves little time for important analysis and decision-making.

giniPredict automates the tedious low-value tasks and gets your data from Xero to Google Data Studio in a couple of clicks, freeing you up to focus on the future of your business.

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Keep everyone up-to-date.
At every turn.

giniPredict provides a one-way data sync from Xero to Google Data Studio, so you can instantly update your dashboards and reports as soon as something changes. 

When it’s this easy to share, collaborate on and update reports, you can rest assured that every team and stakeholder is on the same page. Always.

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How it works


giniPredict pulls data from your Xero reports, including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Budget Summary.


Our advanced AI predictive models extract key insights and run forecasts on your data in minutes.

Google Data Studio

Your key insights and forecasts are visualised on interactive dashboard templates you can share in a click.

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Fully secure

Data security is a non-negotiable priority for us. We are GDPR compliant and we follow PDPO data guidelines, ensuring user data is always encrypted and never stored. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

Why users love giniPredict 

For a 50-hour financial planning project, I see this saving me, like, 20 hours.

- Financial consultant

Crazy easy to use.

- COO at a manufacturing company

I wish we had this tool when we first launched our app. It would’ve been handy to see which marketing channel impacted user acquisition most. Instead, we were just throwing money at different channels and hoping for the best. It would’ve saved us a tonne of money.

- Founder of a fintech startup

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All you need is a Google account and a Xero account. No credit card required.
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