Power your growth with AI predictive insights

It’s your turn to profit from the speed and accuracy of AI predictive analytics. With giniPredict, you can become the agile, data-driven business you were born to be.

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Get the intel you need in minutes

No more evenings spent manually collating and formatting data. giniPredict pulls insights from your data in a few clicks, giving you a headstart on decision-making.

Import data

All your financial data imported from Xero automatically and updated in a click. (More integrations to come!)

Get crucial insights

AI-powered analysis and forecasting done for you in minutes, with key insights visualised on interactive Google Data Studio reports.

Test scenarios

Run AI-powered forecasts and scenarios on your financial data from any source with a few clicks in a Google Sheet.

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Data-driven decisions made easy

giniPredict makes it easier than ever to import, analyse, report and make decisions from your business data.

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AI predictive analytics for non-tech people

It’s like having a data scientist analysing your business data, but for a fraction of the cost. A powerful tool anyone can use. No coding or programming required. 

Realistic, granular predictions

Forecasts that reflect the seasonality in your data.

Continuously fine-tuned

Learns from your unique dataset and improves with every forecast.

Adapts to new trends

Gives more weight to the most recent points in your dataset. 

Designed for real world data problems

Robust to missing data, shifting trends and extreme outliers.

Import data from any source

giniPredict integrates with Xero, so you can import and update data for forecasts and reports in a couple of clicks. Built with Google Workspace tools, it’s also flexible enough to work with data from any system. (More integrations to come!) 

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How do I get started with giniPredict?

To use our Financial Dashboard, simply open a new template, follow the instructions to authorise Xero and Google Data Studio and voila: your data will be populated in a new dashboard before your very eyes.

To use our forecasting add-on, first install it from Google Workspace Marketplace, then open a new Google Sheet and go to add-ons > giniPredict. Follow the instructions to import data from Xero, or copy-paste in any other data you'd like to forecast.

This 2-minute video takes you through it:

Can I customise the report templates?

giniPredict’s report templates are interactive, so you can see your metrics by different variables and time periods. If you’d like a custom report template, contact us and we’d be happy to help.

How do I access my reports?

Once you have created your own Google Data Studio report using our template and connector, you will be able to see all your reports on your Google Data Studio home page. (Please make sure that you are logged into your Google account)

What type of data can I run forecasts on?

You can use the giniPredict forecasting add-on to run forecasts on any quantitative time series data, from cash flow and profit and loss statements to web traffic, foot traffic, sales, and much more. 

How is my data kept private?

Data privacy is a non-negotiable priority for us. We use bank-level 256-bit encryption to keep your data safe. While we keep track of the user requests made to the model for analytics purposes, the data is completely anonymous, ensuring it is never possible to match a user with a dataset. 

For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

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See our AI predictive analytics in action at our next webinar, or schedule some one-on-one time with our team.

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