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“Every VC I catch up with has a quiet story of fraud in their portfolio” - Jason Lemkin

While it is commonplace for lenders to get granular financial information provided from accounting/ payment APIs - equity investors still are reliant on high-level, inaccurate, unaudited, and irregular financial reporting from companies. The result is widespread fraud and misuse of investor funds. Our platform allows any investor to get real time financial reports from any current or potential investment - and is granular to the journal level, allowing for forensic investigation if required. 

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Get a branded link that you can send to current or potential portfolio companies, allowing them to connect their Quickbooks Online or Xero accounting data.
Once connected, you can access pre-made, investor-ready due diligence reports that give a high-level overview of the company's management accounts.
Data is updated daily, allowing you to keep track of companies in close to real-time
All reports are created from the journal level, allowing you to see granular detail of what each transaction is - and identify common frauds such as channel stuffing, fictitious clients and AR inflation.
If the company's books are not up to date - our Controller package will help the company catch up.
Reports available: Financial Performance Dashboard, Financial KPIs Report, Income Statement (Profit and Loss), Balance Sheet, Cashflow Statement, Cashflow Forecast, Transactions
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