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Get 3-free months of tools and support  to help you plan your finances and to drive growth. Create your first cash flow forecast in less than 5-minutes. 

Strategic Financial Planning
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Financial Planning And Forecasting
Financial Planning For Small Businesses
gini is so much faster and more powerful than what our outside consulting team can do in Excel. It has an incredibly high level of detail and customisation while still remaining super user friendly.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to take control of your growth 

Know your numbers

You’ll take back so many wasted hours eliminating data preparation and creating reports, models and forecasts. The gini platform will integrate directly with your accounting data to deliver you: 

  • Financial dashboards
  • Investor-ready reporting 
  • Cashflow forecast models with headcount financing and scenario planning
  • Triggered alerts
Grow your numbers

You’ll avoid so much uncertainty by building a roadmap to your future target valuation. When you are ready to scale we’ll help you get access to the capital you need. gini will help you grow through: 

  • Professional support materials you need to build your data room and pitch investors
  • Access to growth capital
  • Advice from one of our CFO advisory partners
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