Improve efficiency and reduce risk

With gini’s enrichment engine taking care of data preparation for you, you can achieve significant labour and operating cost savings — while improving the accuracy of your risk models.

Enriched data allows for much deeper insights into consumer spending behaviour

Deeper insights, faster

Before data can be analysed, it must be cleaned and structured — which is often a long and arduous process for banks.

gini’s enrichment engine automates the data preparation process and delivers enriched data in real time, freeing up your analytics teams to focus on higher level tasks such as developing algorithms and extracting deeper insights for better decision making.

  • Automated data preparation, saving analysts’ time
  • Enriched data for deeper analysis and insights
  • Quicker turnaround for data analysis requests
  • More timely decision making

More accurate credit assessments

Credit approval teams often have to work with incomplete or inaccurate information from credit reports while calculating debt service ratios manually, resulting in expensive misjudgements.  

Equip your teams with the enriched data they need to gain a more holistic, accurate view of every customer’s repayment ability, so they can make faster, better lending decisions.

Enriched data allows for much deeper insights into consumer creditworthiness
Customer profile
Additional context for more accurate affordability checks
Credit card payment
Easier to analyse customer repayment ability over time 
Set automatic alerts on red flag transactions rather than checking manually 
Quicker spending reports
Instant insights on spending behaviour for a more streamlined credit approval process
Less room for human error

Reduced chargeback costs

Resolving transaction queries and disputes is expensive for banks. And chargeback investigations are estimated to cost upwards of HK$1,000 each.
gini’s enrichment engine provides all the added context you need to get instant clarity on consumer transactions, improving the customer experience while saving valuable time and resources.
Dealing with customer queries with call centres is inefficient
  • Accurate details on transaction merchant, category, location and tags for instant clarification
  • Fewer transaction queries, disputes and chargebacks, saving thousands of dollars a year
  • Queries and disputes resolved faster, saving thousands of hours a year
  • Reduced call centre costs
  • Happier, more loyal customers
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