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Save time and effort reporting to investors, so you can focus on what matters

Become a better fundraiser and build trust with your investors, and save time and effort responding to inquiries and information requests. 

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Instant reporting

Forget hard-coded Excel spreadsheets and the scary reminder emails that hit your email every quarter. Save time and build a relationship with your investors by streamlining your data reporting process. 

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Raise more capital

Highlight your growth and showcase your numbers. Not everyone can talk their way to a Series A, show your work and let the metrics speak for itself. 

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Set yourself apart from bad actors

Fraud is at the forefront of investors’ minds - but founders with integrity have nothing to fear, and nothing to hide.

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Accurate financial models built by CFAs and CPAs 

Plan your business with machine learning cash flow forecasts and scenario builders that are built by our team of finance professionals. 

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Build a roadmap from Seed to IPO

Map your path to an exit using your company’s data and publicly available information like the Bessemer Startup Index and Public Company valuations. Identify where your key metrics (Revenue, CAC, NRR, etc) need to be to get the valuation you want.

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Build a relationship with your investors

Investors are more likely to invest in companies that are transparent with their metrics. Build a strong platform of trust for your investors, and show them how great your company is. 

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Help your investors help you

Giving investors more insight into what your company needs tells them how they can help. Investors can offer capital, advice, referrals and expertise if they know how they can be helpful. 

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Gerardo Salandra
This tool completely blew my mind...We get asked all the time by investors to generate these reports and since QB doesn't do this, we always ended up doing this manually on excel, at least once per quarter. But with gini, all graphs and reports are just there, and they are updated daily…saving me tons of time. A dream come true.

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