For investors

Next gen financial reporting and due diligence platform

If you’re an investor and you don’t have a financial fraud in your portfolio, it’s probably because you haven’t found it yet.

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$1.8 trillion

is lost annually to financial statement frauds


of fraud is missed by auditors


the cost of financial due diligence reports

For investors

Granular real time financial data on all your current, and future investments

Automate your data collection process to get accurate, real time data on your portfolio companies.

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Live portfolio monitoring 

Forget hard-coded Excel spreadsheets and reminder emails to your portfolio companies. Streamline your data collection process with live data sent directly into your own models and spreadsheets, updated every day. 

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Affordable & sophisticated financial due diligence

Speed up deal validation and estimate potential company's exit valuations using real time data. Follow companies over time and be ready to invest exactly at the right moment. 

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Fraud detection like you hired a forensic accountant

Find bad actors and protect your LPs by using state of the art forensic accounting methods to identify potential fraud. 

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Prepare your portfolio companies for the next round

Get your portfolio companies ready for more stringent due diligence that can derail the next round of funding. 

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Simple onboarding for PortCos

Get a customized landing page for your portfolio companies to link their accounts to your systems. It just takes 5 minutes, with minimal burden and pushback from founders.

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Custom financial models 

Use the real time data to build custom financial models to power your portfolio management, valuation, and cash management to time your capital calls with precision. 

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David Weiss
President, Pershing Ventures 
gini reduces the underwriting time from from 5 or 6 weeks to as little as two weeks after the company connected their accounting software with our personalized landing page.
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