How gini's cash flow forecast template can give you accurate, investor-ready cash flow forecast models in minutes.

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How gini's cash flow forecast template can give you accurate, investor-ready cash flow forecast models in minutes.

Nothing gives business owners as much confidence as knowing their numbers. They are more insightful and assertive with the correct numbers on hand.

Entrepreneurs and founders have their share of struggles. Without a dedicated CFO on board, they often jumble up the numbers. They don't have any insight into their projected cash balances. 

This is where gini's cash flow forecast template comes in handy. This blog will discuss how to predict the numbers that define the business trajectory and why it is vital. We will also see how gini's cash flow forecast template helps forecast your cash position and plan for your company's future in less than 10 minutes.  

What is cash flow forecasting?

Cash is king! You just read an overused phrase that one listens to so many times. But this entails an important message for you: the cash needs to be continually pumped into your business. Lack of cash sends companies packing. 

This is what cash flow forecasting can foresee and preempt. Cash forecasting is the numerical visualization of how much cash will flow in and out over a set period. It is of paramount importance for business owners and founders to forecast their revenues and expenses. 

Cash inflow is the money that usually comes from sales, investors, or financiers. In accounting, these are referred to as operating cash, investing cash, and financing cash, respectively.

Cash outflow is the money that usually goes out to the costs associated with production, marketing, administration, operating expenses, and tax/interest payments. Net cash flow is positive when cash inflows exceed cash outflows and vice versa. A detailed cash flow forecast documents all along with cash sources.  

Cash flow forecasting is based on a company's historical business performance and accounting data. A cash flow forecast estimates whether the cash flow will be positive or negative over the specified period. This also unfolds what measures you can take to adjust your numbers if the cash flow comes out to be negative. 

On the contrary, founders lack historical insights and rely on market research, competitor analysis, and cost estimates. Unfortunately, they are the most disadvantaged as they are armed with novel ideas and ingenuity but lack adequate financial training. 

Why is cash flow forecasting essential? 

Much like the ant from "The Ant and the Grasshopper" businesses will survive harsher environments because they have insights and a plan for the future. They should know how much cash they will require to operate and survive in periods of low cash inflow.

A cash flow forecast projects the cash inflows and outflows. This cash flow projection lets you know the opportunities or pitfalls in your business and makes decisions based on those insights. So, cash flow forecasting identifies cash shortages and surpluses on the first pass. A good cash flow forecast makes your approach towards business more proactive and dynamic. 

If there are cash shortages, a cash flow forecast warns you before you actually run out of money. A projected cash flow details if you will not have enough cash and need to raise funds. 82% of business failures link to cash flow problems.

If there are cash surpluses, a cash flow forecast lets you make better strategic decisions and possibly make loan repayments, pay dividends, issue equity, and increase capital expenditures. This also lets you know of the opportunities to grow and expand your business.      

On top of it all, cash flow forecasting is vital for entrepreneurs pitching investors and financiers. A presentable, illustrative, and numerical financial cash flow forecast wins your investors' trust and gives you a much-needed go-ahead. 

gini's cash flow forecasting template

Startup founders and small business owners simply can't afford a dedicated finance team to manage their accounts and finance. We are on a mission to facilitate and enable them to automate their finances without the need to hire an in-house finance team.  

Our cash flow forecast template is simple to use and understand. You require no accounting degree or certificate to navigate through our cash flow forecasting template. Simply connect your accounting software and Google Sheets to gini and let the AI-powered algorithms forecast your expenses and revenues.

Here's how you can create your own cash flow forecast in minutes:

  1. Sign up for or sign back into the gini Webapp.
  2. Head to the "Apps" page. Connect your accounting software to our web app [either Quickbooks or Xero, or both if needed], and then connect to Google sheets.
  3. Head to the "Dashboard" page and select "Cash Flow Forecast Model."
  4. Select the organization for which you want to create a dashboard. Click "Create report."
  5. And that's it! Once the flow is created, you will find the report under "My flows" on the "Dashboard" page. Just click "Open flow."

Now what you will see is an interconnected story that categorically details your 12-month cash flow forecast detailing your monthly cash inflow (these could be sales, cash sales, accounts receivable) and cash outflow (these could be loan payments, operating expenses, money used to pay suppliers) along with your future cash balance (the difference between your cash paid and cash receipts) at the end of the 12-month forecast period.

gini makes predictions by employing a machine-learning algorithm that utilizes your business's historical record. Our machine-learning algorithm considers seasonal fluctuations, market trends, and the historical record of a company, but you are free to go with any option of your own liking. 

The flexibility we offer to the founders/business owners to play around with numbers for better insights is something we are proud of. You can enter custom values for your revenues/expenses prediction.

Features of our cash flow forecast template

Key takeaways at one glance

You needn't be a financial expert to get to the key takeaways and your business insights. We have a super clean and pictorial representation of your business graphs and trends. The graphs are simple, colorful, appealing, and easy to understand. 

A congratulations message pops up for you when your business is healthy. You may have warnings if your net cash flow is negative. And then you know how you can cut the expenses and how much fundraising you will need. 


gini's cash flow forecast template doesn't stand alone. It is interconnected with other sheets like Financing/Capital Planner, Headcount Planner, 3-Statement Model, and Monthly Report. The values you enter in any other sheet will be automatically calculated in our primary cash flow forecast template. 

Financing/capital planner

Capital planning is an essential component of cash flow forecasting. Observing cash shortages and cash surpluses, you may feel the need to fundraise or make dividend payments, respectively. You can also forecast equity issuance and capital expenditures here in this tab. The changes you make in the Financing/Capital planner will reflect in the cash flow forecast template and give you much-needed insights.  

Headcount planner

You can see what effect hiring will have on your business finances. Enter the employee details you plan to hire in the headcount planner tab. You will know if your hiring is justified and is as per your cash inflows. A warning will pop up for you in the primary cash flow forecast sheet if that hiring spree disturbs your cash flows. 

Monthly report

A good and detailed cash flow forecast wins investors and financiers. The reports gini's templates provide are colorful, presentable, and appealing. Moreover, our reports easily fit into a pdf, so we got your back when you need to easily share your monthly cash status with your investors/stakeholders. 27000*12

Portability and compatibility

Our cash flow forecast template is compatible with Xero, Quickbooks, and Google Sheets. Once the data is synchronized and reports are made, the business owners can access updated insights into their business anytime and anywhere. Your forecast can be easily shared with just a few commands thanks to Google Sheet's collaboration features and easy shareability.

Final words

As a founder, you may lack the requisite educational background and skills to navigate business financial accounting. Hiring a chief financial officer or outsourcing to other finance professionals may put a strain on your budget.

At gini, our mission is to simplify business financial accounting for founders so they can easily set and reach their financial goals. We also have other templates that make tracking and managing your business finance easy. 

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