You need to get a grip on your finances.
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Founders are experts of their products and industry, but navigating a turbulent economy requires having control over your finances. It’s time to move from peacetime to war time CEO.

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gini is not another defensive financial platform. It’s how founders are taking a hard look at their numbers, and getting the answers they need to make the tough decisions needed to drive growth in any economy. Get access to real time financial analytics, expert advice and funding. Using gini you’ll eliminate wasteful spending, extend your runway, show your stakeholders you are in control, and raise money faster. 

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Cash is your life blood, you need to know where you stand

Don’t waste time you don’t have with manual calculations

Even if you know how to calculate your cash flow, the problem is the painstaking hours of checking excel formulas and keeping up with expenses that constantly change, like revenue and hiring.

gini calculates your financial projections automatically. Plus, gini forecasts revenue in 6 different ways, which means you can choose the right approach for your business.

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Use real time integrations with your accounting software

gini seamlessly integrates with your accounting software which means you can create financial reports and models in minutes, not weeks. Using auto-sync, you can schedule all your gini financial assets to update on a schedule. 

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Make the right decisions with integrated planning tools

Access the planning tools you need to make strategic decisions for your business. All our planning tools integrate with your financial projections for the ultimate fine-tuning to ensure you have complete control over your future.  

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  • Test scenarios
  • Plan headcount changes
  • Run financing and capital expenditure options

Raise capital faster, and negotiate on your own terms

You don’t have to be a CFO to be able to tell your numbers story and prove your business model works. Use gini’s financial projections to quickly show your cash flow, balance sheet and profit & loss- in a professional format that funders prefer - a Google Sheet. Leverage expert advisory services to help you have the best possible preparation going into investor conversations. 

Investor-ready reporting

gini helps you build investor reporting that sync automatically with your accounting software. You’ll save time and energy by scheduling the updates so all your most important stakeholders are always up to date.

Show how you'll put the money to work
  • Create hiring plans to show how you'll scale up the workforce while ensuring you don't overspend
  • Use our capital planning tool to instantly update your financial projections with various fundraising scenarios to show how you'll scale your business
Get access to the advice you need

Get access to free consultations with our expert panel of advisors on your most pressing needs like: 

  • Getting financing
  • Equity fundraising
  • Investor communications
  • Financial performance management

All users get a guaranteed term sheet from our financing partner, Pershing Ventures.

Get all of this for just USD $50 per month

Hiring planner
Financial models
Custom reports
Scenario planner
Custom dashboards
Version control
Finance & capital planner
Investor reporting 
Financing and fundraising advisory hours
Guaranteed term sheet through our network 
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Customize everything

gini is the most customizable financial planning software. Unlike the other FP&A web apps, gini outputs all reports and models into Google Sheets, giving you complete control. Use our financial models as is, or build on top. Create custom reports and charts yourself, or contact our team for help. You have the flexibility to do what you need with your numbers. 

Get started in less than 10-minutes

Connect your Xero or Quickbooks account and run your first financial model in less than 10-minutes.  It’s straightforward to get started, but we are always here to help! Get dedicated one to one support from our technical or finance support teams whenever you need. Just message using the chat icon on our website or in-app.

Get a grip on your finances and take control of your business’ future.

Keep your reports and models, even if you don't sign-up for a subscription.

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