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Xero Google Sheets Integration
Small Business Financial Planning

Forecast your cash flow in just a few clicks

Connect your Xero account to forecast your cash flow and runway, alongside your balance sheet and profit and loss – in less than 5-minutes.  Test scenarios, plan your headcount and do more with your Xero data in a spreadsheet. 

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Financial Planning And Forecasting
Scenario Analysis Tool

Creating financial models doesn’t have to be time-consuming

You want financial models that 

Business And Financial Planning

Help you understand your business

Business And Financial Planning

Are easy to maintain and customise

Business And Financial Planning

Are professional enough to share

And you’re tired of 

Integrated Finance Solutions

Manually updating accounting data

Integrated Finance Solutions

The time it takes to prepare financial reports

Integrated Finance Solutions

The stress of not being on top of your finances

Cashflow forecast model

Always know where you stand

Turn your Xero data into a cash flow forecast model designed by finance experts over hundreds of hours
Forecast your cash balance and runway to make sure you don’t go negative
Get a deeper understanding of what drives your business with full visibility to the logic in the calculations
Sense check your own growth predictions with built-in AI revenue growth prediction suggestions
Automate the maintenance of your cash flow model with your Xero on a monthly schedule
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Financial Plan For Startup Business
Financial Planning And Forecasting
Scenario planning

Run ‘What-If’ scenarios to stay ahead

Test scenarios to help you put together smarter plans 
Stress test your business assumptions and hone in on various drivers to understand the potential impact on your growth 
Use built-in AI-generated scenarios to stay on top of your best and worst case scenarios 
See the impact of your scenarios across all your financial statements
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Headcount planner

Plan headcount against your future cash flow

Never be surprised by your cash flow again
See the impact of your hiring plans on your projected cash flow
Enter your hiring plans into the headcount planner and see the model automatically calculate the impact to all your financial statements 
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Business And Financial Planning
Headcount Planner
Capital planner

Create fundraising scenarios

Enter anticipated capital financings and major expenditures into the planner and instantly see how it impacts your financial statements
Once you enter the data it will automatically factor into all the equations on the model
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Dynamic charts and insights

Dynamic charts without hours of formatting

Turn your Xero data into dynamic charts to help you stay on top of your most important metrics
Get at-a glance updates with built-in graphic insights
Save time with our built-in monthly report ready to share on-demand
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Xero Cash Flow Forecast
Data integration

Build your own models faster

You will eliminate tedious data preparation from your modelling and reporting process using our integration with Xero and Google Sheets. You can turn your raw accounting data and reports into live data feeds updating on a flexible schedule: daily, weekly and monthly. 

  • Account transactions
  • Profit and Loss
  • Profit and Loss by tracking category
  • Balance Sheet
  • Executive Summary
  • Aged Payable by Contact
  • ​​Aged receivables by Contact
  • Receivables invoice summary
  • Payables invoice summary
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Xero Cash Flow Forecast
Integrated Finance Solutions

Provide the right data to the right people

Keep everyone aligned by providing the right people with the insights and information they need.

You choose:
  • Who you share your Google Sheets model with 
  • What data you share –your cash flow model, or even your Xero reports and raw accounting data
  • How frequently your accounting data syncs: daily, weekly or monthly
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Financial Planning And Forecasting
Financial Planning For Small Businesses
The 3 way forecasting is fantastic to let you see what the future could look like. It's so flexible and easy to create, you save hours, days, weeks faffing around with spreadsheets, and because it’s connected to Xero it’s always up to date.
Get your first cash flow forecast with built-in scenario planning, in 4 easy steps
Try gini free for 14-days. And keep access to your cash flow forecast model in Google Sheets forever. 
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Keep access to your model in Google Sheets forever.
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Financial Modelling For Startups