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Company valuation template

Every time there is a talk about seeking outside investment or going for that long-coveted IPO, the question of company valuation will inevitably come up. It is essential information for company leaders to have.

However, as an entrepreneur, you're adept at finding solutions to problems, but you may not necessarily have the financial skills necessary to find that information in troves of financial data. So, how do you find a fair company valuation without hiring an expensive outsider?

This is where gini's company valuation template comes into play. It provides help to business people and entrepreneurs to understand their company's equity value in less than 10 minutes.

What is business valuation?

The business valuation process determines a company's financial health and economic value. It helps founders to know the fair value of their company. Through valuation models, the net present value, operating expenses of partner ownership, and annual cash flow of a business can be determined.

Business valuation methods can vary depending on the types of businesses, industries, or valuators. The typical valuation methods include:

Why is the business valuation process helpful?

A business valuation should be in exact facts and figures to show your company's strengths and weaknesses. Otherwise, improper valuation can be risky for your company's reputation. Also, it can devalue your company's worth for investors.

Following are some of the fundamental reasons why a business valuation is helpful.

For attracting or seeking investors

A business valuation is essential if you want to obtain any investor's capital. You must provide your company's financial value with evidence of facts and figures.

Also, without analyzing your company's operating expenses, earnings, debts, capital efficency, and forecasted cash flow, how will the investors know how credible your valuation is? A business with a powerful balance sheet, free cash flow, and revenue options can persuade investors to consider funding your business.

For selling the business

A business valuation is an initial step if you want to sell your business. An accurate business valuation can help you interact with interested buyers.

Also, when dealing with multiple buyers, a business valuation ensure you receive a price that is fair according to your valuation. With proper calculation and analysis of your business's terminal value and invested capital, you can decide which offer best suits you.

For selling stock in the company

Another common reason for a business valuation is to bring in partners or sell a company's stock. To invest in or purchase an equity value in a company, investors or buyers are unlikely to make an investment without doing their due diligence on your company's valuation.

Investors determine your company's net present value, annual cash flows, and operating expenses before becoming a shareholder. So, for selling stock in your company, a business valuation process will be helpful. After making a business valuation spreadsheet, everyone could determine their shares, and nothing would be left out.

For determining your company's growth

A business evaluation template helps track your business's annual cash flow and growth. Regularly checking your company's balance sheet allows you to determine your business's year-to-year progress.

With the data of cash flows, you can calculate and manage the financial payments in your company. A business valuation template includes net income, sales, equity, and company cash flow. Also, additional factors worthy of understanding a company's value are included in a typical business valuation template.

For industrial benchmarking

Comparing similar businesses according to financial statements and industry guidelines is called benchmarking in accounting and finance. The growth and performance of a company's services and financial products through industrial benchmarking are analyzed compared to other businesses with the same value.

Understanding comparable similar businesses are necessary for a company's growth. You will learn about your weaknesses so that you can cop them with your best future planning. With benchmarking, you will get to know your internal opportunities that are beneficial for your company's improvement.

A business valuation is a great source to analyze your company's worth in the market value. You can compare your business's growth with similar companies to decide on some essential factors. These include sales in the forecast period, budget management, and future cash flows.

For taking a bank loan for the company

Loans are part of business, and with ups and downs in the market, loans provide valuable help. Although it's risky to get into debt, maintaining your company's assets can overcome the additional liabilities. With a business valuation, you can predict the chances of getting a bank loan.

If your company needs bank loans to establish any financial sector, you need to check your company's valuation. It will help you estimate your annual cash flows, other assets, and planning purposes. Without business valuation, you can't prove your working capital to lenders, and the investment opportunities will also decrease.

gini's valuation template

With gini's valuation template, you will get a quick valuation report of your company in a few minutes. The template will save you time by presenting you with digital calculations and comparing your company's valuation results. You don't need any technical knowledge to use the template.

How to use gini’s valuation template

Using gini’s company valuation template is fairly intuitive and simple to use and navigate. It will help you analyze your business by comparing growth, profitability, capital structure, and capital efficiency with listed comparable companies. You can easily access gini’s market-based valuation template and use it as a tool to understand your company’s potential market value.

Accessing the template

Follow the given steps to access gini’s business valuation template:

  1. Sign up or sign back into the gini Webapp.
  2. Head to the “Dashboard” page, select “Templates” then select the “Market-Based Valuation Calculator” template.
  3. Select "Use this template” and then “Make a copy” to copy your own company valuation template.
  4. And that’s it!

Using the template

The cells on the template will ask you for essential information about your company. These include the following:

Your company financials (sales, net income, EBITDA, book value (equity), and operating cash flow)'

Then, you have to select up to 5 comparable public companies to base your valuation on by specifying their Stock Exchange and Symbol in the “Comparable Public Companies” section.

gini’s template provides live data from five major stock exchanges: New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, London Stock Exchange, Australian Securities Exchange, and Hong Kong Stock Exchange. With regularly updated data, gini gives you an updated and accurate market-based valuation for your company.

By entering the financial metrics below, you can intuitively evaluate the comparability of your selected companies from their financial similarity and then assign a reasonable weight to each one based on the financial similarity.

  • Revenue and net income growth rates
  • Profitability ratios (gross margin, profit margin, return on asset, return on equity)
  • Liquidity ratios (current ratio, quick ratio, cash ratio)
  • Capital structure ratios

Relative performance across each metric will be automatically compared to 5 companies listed in any stock exchanges mentioned above in minutes. Your final valuation will be based on the valuation distribution weight you assign to each of the 5 comparable companies.

With gini’s valuation spreadsheet, you don’t need to spend hours calculating several excel sheets.

Benefits of using gini's valuation template

Business valuation spreadsheets are important to demonstrate a company's worth. Using gini's company valuation template will produce an accurate and reliable report of your company's value. You can easily use gini's business evaluation template and present a picture of your company's financial health.

Here are some benefits of using gini's valuation template for your company or business:

  • Best for owners, buyers, and sellers of all business types

gini's business valuation template is suitable for every type of business, including new or existing businesses . It helps business owners to determine their company's worth with essential accounting information.

  • Helps to choose a valuation method

If you don't know which market valuation method you should use or need for your company, gini's company valuation template is here to help you. By answering a few basic questions about your company's profit terms, positive cash flows, capital-intensive industries, and the purpose behind the company's valuation, you will know which valuation method will suit your company.

  •  No more inaccurate assumptions about your valuation

With gini company valuation template, you can base your company's financial data on real data without any doubts or assumptions. With gini's valuation spreadsheet, business owners will get a clear picture of their business's economic value.

  • Automated future annual cash flow estimations

gini business valuation template automatically calculates the company's estimated future annual cash flows. No matter what is the purpose of a business valuation, the company's owners will get to know about their annual cash flows. This will lead them to make decisions about adopting valuable sources for the company's growth.

  •  Fast and Easy evaluation process

gini's valuation template has a feasible process that you can easily use to evaluate your company's worth. With simple steps, easy requirements, and basic data input, you can get a quality valuation report of your business in minutes.

  • Compare Forecast capitals

With gini's valuation template, you can compare your estimations with the actual financing health of your business. This will help you predict your company's future cash flows, valuation multiples, revenue scenarios, and depreciation rate for the forecast period.

Value your company like an investment banker without hiring one

Calculating your company valuation is a great way to understand what price a company like you would IPO at, and this allows you to work back to what your valuation should be today.

With our template, you can confidently go to any fundraising discussion prepped with insight into your estimated business valuation without ever having even looked at an investment banker.

Final words 

Time and time again, founders find that their previous education and work experience doesn't prepare them for the myriad of challenges awaiting them. But with help from team members and solution providers, each roadblock becomes nothing more than a valuable teachable moment. 

At gini, our mission is to simplify business financial accounting for founders so they can easily set and reach their financial goals. We also have other templates that make tracking and managing your business finance easy. 

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